Kayıkçı released her first single "Doğum/Birth" and debut album "Eskizler" (Sketches) in November 2019 independently on all digital platforms. The debut album is a minimalist collection of 9 solo piano pieces. During the production process of "Sketches/Eskizler", she likened her first musical studies with the process of drawing sketches and drafts when starting on a new design project.


 ''I believe one travels from space to space, time to time while listening to a song. You can experience a place with your mind and soul when a melody deeply touches you. So it is not only the architects or engineers who can do construction. Composers are designing an atmosphere with their musical instruments, carrying you to cities, gardens, landscapes. '' - Büşra Kayıkçı


On Feb 2020 she went to Klavins piano in Hungary to discover a brand new instrument called 'una corda' built by piano inventor David Klavins. Kayıkçı was inspired by the possibilities that piano was bringing, so she decided to record her second single 'Tuna' on the workshop with una corda. 


During the lockdown, she released another single called "Kuledibi No.1’’collaboration with a Turkish fashion brand, which was inspired by their showroom in Galata, a historical district in Istanbul where has been a home to people of different identities, culture and religion for decades. The piece was named after the street address of this unique building.

Büşra Kayıkçı is a Turkish multi-disciplinary artist based in İstanbul. She had an early introduction to different fields of art such as piano, ballet and painting. She studied works of classical and contemporary artists, composers until college. Her childhood was full of artistical inspirations and technical studies.


In 2007 she attended the faculty of architecture to study interior architecture and environmental design. She became an award-winning student in her senior year. After four years of working on design projects, she discovered another form of design made by musical elements while studying works of composers like John Cage and Nils Frahm. With the inspiration and technique she brings from her major, Kayıkçı started to work on minimalist and neoclassical compositions for piano. The reason why she felt very attracted to this field was the idea of manipulating her instrument and designing daily recordings via technology. She believes both a designer and a composer walk the same path with only different materials but the same principles. In time, the idea became a re-link between Kayıkçı and music after many years of working solely as an interior architect.


On 2018 she started to run her studio called ''Sulu Fikirler Atölyesi'' in Istanbul. While improvising on piano for days and nights, Kayıkçı was also working on watercolor illustrations. She gave free-hand sketching lectures for architecture students at FSMV University and did watercolor workshops on architectural presentations. She also attended to film music scoring courses at Modern Music Academy. After studying on composing by herself, very quickly in a year, she came up with her original compositions. 

 She worked on a piece from her debut album 'Eskizler' called "Gölgeler/Shadows" and released it on August 2020 as a re-work single with monochrome video work. Kayıkçı improved the song with more piano layers and some mechanic sounds she has been investigating. It was mastered by Zino Mikorey in Berlin (known for his work on albums by artists such as Thom Yorke and Nils Frahm) 

New York Theatre Ballet X Büşra Kayıkçı

Her most significant career highlight was the collaboration with NYTB. Kayıkçı's first composition Birth was played at a modern dance show by Monica Lima. 


Gia Kourlas mentioned it from The New York Times. 


The choreography (Melissa Toogood) was inspired by the piece's story, referring to a 'rebirth' moment.

Kayıkçı was selected as a finalist for 27th Istanbul Jazz Festival, young jazz contest. Thus, she gave her first solo concert with her own compositions at the most prestigious stage in Turkey, IKSV. Nowadays, she is trying to enrich her music by combining electro-acoustic elements and reach the ideal of creating a new sound world and drawing illustrations for children's picture book. 

Lately Kayıkçı released a new single called ‘’Bring The Light’’ out from an iconic German label Deutsche Grammophon as part of Project XII.